I honestly thought I would never leave the east coast. I thought I was plagued to a life stuck on the east coast. In all of my 22.5 years, I have been to the states of New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. I went to Disney World in Florida when I was a baby, but since I don't remember it, it doesn't count. I've always been scared of traveling and of the unknown. The other day this guy I met who had traveled and lived all across the US was like, "You New York kids never leave here, do you?" I couldn't really defend myself. He was right. Not that New York is a bad place to be stuck (at all) I've always been envious of the well traveled. Half of the time they don't know how lucky they are. 

I kept thinking how perfect it would be in this freezing New York weather to -finally- escape. And then, I got a call from my friend Maddi. I was having heart palpitations and near tears and was convinced that I was being PUNKED. She said that we were going to go to LA to go to the NASTYGAL X COURTNEY LOVE launch party. Nastygal was seriously hooking us up, and I couldn't believe it until we had our flight confirmations. I threw my fears away, because how the fuck could I turn down such an opportunity!?! I literally had my brother pinch me to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It was all real. And here's what happened.  

LA, I hope to see you again soon.


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