I'll be honest. I wasn't always a feminist. Actually, up until about a year and a half ago, I was constantly asking my very feminist friend what it even MEANT. I know...embarrassing! I knew that broadly, feminism meant equality of the sexes. Equal rights, equal pay, and so on for men and women. I was naive and blind to what was going on in the world because I wasn't experiencing it firsthand. Dumb, silly, I know. This all changed after a chain of events in which men made me feel totally inferior as a woman. It wasn't just sketchy men on the street objectifying me, it was men in the workplace, too. As I heard more and more firsthand stories from friends about the issues they were facing as women and listening to the way they felt, I couldn't help but wonder. How was I not always a feminist? Moral of the story is, we girls have it rough. Though technically we have equal rights, we all know that everything is not equal. We must stick together and build each other up, rather than tear each other down. Support your local girl gang, and girl gangs all over.

Photos by Tory Rust 

Social Decay BK Girl Gang Shredder 
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