Hi blog world, remember me!? 8 months and about 5 hair colors, I figure it's time for my unintentional hiatus to be over so that I can share these doppppe overalls with you.
I got to be one of the first in the world to receive the Miss Alissa X Designow collab piece. Alissa (my sister, if you didn't know) worked so hard designing these with the cool people at Designow, and I got to see these overalls come to life. They're totally Alissa's style, but are also very versatile and can be styled to your liking. For my tomboy/grunge/whatever I feel like style, I paired the overalls with a cropped sweater, beanie, high tops, and a choker. 
They're sooo comfy and have GREAT POCKETS which Alissa and I both love. I'm so proud of Alissa for working with Designow on this collab, and I can't wait to see how you rock YOUR overalls. I've worn them like, four times since getting these in the mail last week.

Preorder your overalls at a discounted price HERE

Photos by Jackie Barr 

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